Kern County Company Offering New and Refurbished Fire Extinguishers

Portable extinguishers are some of the first tools people reach for when they see flames. This equipment can quickly put out small fires or contain them until emergency personnel arrive, effectively saving lives and protecting property. This equipment does have its limits, so your primary focus should be on getting your people to safety. At Independent Fire and Safety, we offer our fire extinguisher service and a selection of products to our Kern County customers, including:


  • Canisters: Includes a monoammonium phosphate dry chemical that handles Class A and Class B situations
  • Wet chemical canisters: Contains a potassium acetate based, low PH agent, appropriate for Class K Kitchen Use
  • Cabinets: Dent, rust and corrosion proof, complete with brass lock, cover and labels
Demo — Fire extinguisher service in Bakersfield, CA

Annual Maintenance and Recharging

Monthly visual inspections are required to ensure that:
  • Extinguishers are in the designated area
  • All equipment is visible and accessible
  • Safety seals are not missing or broken
  • There’s no evidence of damage, corrosion or clogged nozzles
  • Pressure gauge readings are in the proper range
  • The canisters are full
  • Operating instructions are legible

Contact Us in Kern County

We offer demonstrations to businesses in Kern County so that your employees understand basic prevention and safety practices. Your personnel should learn to operate safety equipment and when to call 911.

Call Independent Fire and Safety for services and sales in Kern County and to schedule fire suppression demonstrations. We are available at 661-589-9091.