Installing and Maintaining Fire Suppression Systems in Kern County Businesses


Semiannual Maintenance

Your fire suppression system requires routine maintenance and inspections. Independent Fire and Safety offers this service to businesses throughout Kern County. Our inspection and maintenance service includes cleaning the fire suppression nozzles and fusible links, changing the links every 12 months. We’ll test remote pulls and gas valve and electrical shutdowns. Our technicians double-check the storage tank pressure and verify that appliances are positioned under appropriate types of nozzles. We are familiar with the regulations applicable to your business and are prepared to offer the necessary maintenance for a variety of systems.
Man fixing fire extinguisher  — Fire extinguisher service in Bakersfield, CA

Kitchen UL 300

If your kitchen has not been upgraded to the UL 300 Standard, your entire business could be at risk. Many professional kitchens have not been brought up to date for various reasons, but those business owners are leaving their establishments vulnerable. We recommend investing in this improvement so that you have the assurance that your property and your people are safe. The UL 300 might result in lower insurance rates. If a fire does take place, the UL 300 gets your business back on track more quickly and could be protection against litigation.

Industrial Paint Booth

Federal and local regulations for paint booths require some form of fire suppression system. Our services include installations, inspections, repair, replacement and maintenance. We’ll work to be sure that everyone in your workplace is safe from fire even when exposed to fumes, chemical and flammable liquids.

Upgrades and New Installations

Our company offers the installation of upgraded equipment and new fire suppression systems. Whether your business needs foam suppression equipment or a specialized sprinkler system, we have the training and experience necessary to handle the job.

Suppression Systems in Kern County

Independent Fire and Safety offers a variety of fire protection products and services throughout Kern County. Contact us today at 661-589-9091.