Fire Protection Products for Kern County Customers

From Ansul, Buckeye, Amerex, Pyro-Chem, & Samson Metal Cabinets

Independent Fire and Safety in Kern County carries the fire safety products you need to reduce the possibility of danger and to ensure that when flames do erupt, the right systems are in place to effectively extinguish them. We offer a wide selection of fire protection products to aid your fire protection management.

Hose, Reels and Brass Fittings: Choose a single jacket hose or a “rack and reel” hose with an acceptance test pressure of 500 psi and a service test of 250 psi. Quality brass fittings could be replaced with polycarbonate hose nozzles when theft is a concern.

Flame Retardants: We carry N.Y. Fire Shield products that are Class A retardants, pre-mixed and easy to apply. The retardants are UL classified and approved by the CA State Fire Marshal. Available in spray containers of 1 gallon, 5 gallons or 1 quart.
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Cabinets: Our Brooks’ Cabinets are dent, rust and corrosion proof. We offer MJM, MIM and M2M cabinets for use outdoors.

Manual Pull Stations and Bells: Our manual pull station has a steel back plate and 10-amp snap action switch. This station meets UL, ULC, CSFM and BAS requirements. We also offer alarm bells in sizes from 6 inches to 10 inches. Choose a wire guard or back box to keep bells safe.

Safety Industrial Signs: Our exit signs are flame retardant with thermoplastic housings, solid-state chargers, universal mountings and test buttons. These signs meet the latest requirements for UL924.

First-Aid Kits and Supplies: Choose from bulk and unitized kits, available in rust-resistant metal or durable plastic boxes that are sealed to keep out dust and moisture. Use as a portable kit or mount it on the wall.

Your Source of Safety Supplies in Kern County

Independent Fire and Safety, serving Kern County, offers fire protection services and products. Give us a call at 661-589-9091 to discuss your needs.